Danish Escorts Learning Astral Projection To Make Love To Their Favorite Client(s) Whenever They Feel Like It

So, here is the sexy science for today – 6 feet and above (Super-Amazon) chicks are only for the guys with 9+ inches long cocks. If you have a size of 7 inches or lesser, then you would be better off looking for a petite or an average built chick, and if your dick is between 7 and 9 inches, then you should go for an average-heighted bodybuilder chick.

I really find something fascinating and extremely interesting about the chicks born in 1998 and 1995 that makes them freaks in bed. I am proud about the fact that I have seen the porn video of every mainstream female pornstar born in one of these years from every country.

I really know how to astral project. I fuck every beautiful woman I want to each night by entering their boyfriend or spouse’s body. Yesterday, I fucked this neighbor of mine by entering her husband’s body. She works from home office on the first floor of her house while he doesn’t work at all. He is a homemaker, lol. All that he does is to ring the bell of her office and she instantly knows why he did it, just because it is sexy time. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I entered the body of her husband by astral projecting and rang her office bell. She came down to the ground floor at his room butt naked and then I played with her for hours, it was literally the best time of my life since this coronavirus thing.

One of my very good friends owns a successful escort guide who claims that each escort is unique but the same cannot be said about the pornstars. He outsource all his internet marketing to this one adult SEO services company based in NOIDA, India.

He also has many interesting opinions regarding the porn industry. He believes that the porn industry needs more butterfaces like Luna Bunny, Syren De Mer, Stacie Starr, Simone Sonay, etc, as he believes that the porn industry already has tons of pretty faces.

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