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Some conspiracy theories believer like this Anti-Fap dude claim that the main cause for Armageddon will be live sex cam chat websites

One of the things that I have observed in this short life of mine is that the narcissists have sweeter souls in general. I have met several narcissistic anti-fap dudes who seriously believed that they were the savior of dicks, which they clearly weren’t, but then again, these idiotic narcissists with their stupid beliefs, all had extremely sweet souls as well. One of these guys after coming back from work, would campaign online against the online live sex cam websites, which included Live adult chat rooms Chaturbate. The dude was so concerned about his safety, that he would drive nothing but a Volvo. One fine sunny morning, a male friend of his, who happened to be a live sex cam chat model himself, revealed to the world that the anti-fap Volvo dude died due to the complications caused to him due to the untreated HIV-AIDS and Syphilis. The anti-fap dude used to believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories including the world is flat, HIV is a myth, the world is run and operated by some reptilians belonging to some other planet. The male cam model friend of his also disclosed to the world that the anti-fap dude was so much against the live sex cam chat because an Islamic scholar friend of his, who happens to be one of the biggest promoters of the Islamic Scholar and Conspiracy Theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein, told him that live sex cam chat will be the greatest cause for the Armageddon. To those who don’t know, they refer to Armageddon as Malhama in Arabic.