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Lithium Ion Factory Workers spend most of their spare time watching free Brazzers videos – Ted Cottle

Ted Cottle from Catron County, New Mexico, has an Economic Degree, works for the International Monetary Fund.

Ted is a hardcore Catholic who believes that we are living in the end times.

Ted is also a sex blogger who believes that the myth that the Catholic religion is anti-sex is a propaganda by the global elite and other religions to defame the Catholic religion.

Ted believes that the current pornstars aren’t fit for the VR porn. He says that either the current pornstars need to be trained specifically for the VR porn or the producers must recruit some new All-American intelligent ladies after training them specifically for the specific job.

Ted claims that there will be more adult industry related pay-per-click internet ads by 2028 than the rest of the niches combined.

Ted claims that the reason behind men’s reducing testosterone levels is that they eat out of green house. He believes that seasonal fruits and vegetables are the key for the optimum testosterone levels in men.

Ted claims that lithium ion batteries have no negative effect on a man or a woman’s libido as is commonly believed. He says that it is a false nation created by the mainstream media. He knows people who work at lithium ion battery factories and cannot stop watching brazzers free all the time.

Ted claims that most of the things that the ancient Zulu religions practiced had to do with the increasing testosterone levels and it has been scientifically proven.

Ted is friends with many navy officers and merchants and he says that it is no surprise to most that the navy merchants are envious of the high testosterone levels of the navy officers.