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A gel that will turn your 60+ wife’s pussy drum tight again, yes, may sound unbelievable but I will make it a reality

I dated one twin sisters in the past, I thought that I was lucky, but I learnt later that the twin sisters were taking me for a long ride and they had their own agenda which I couldn’t even imagine until I got hit by it. Both the sisters were extremely athletic, flexible and beautiful.

Since I got used by those twin sisters so badly, I have been having sex with none other than Mumbai Russian Escorts. I don’t trust the dating system anymore.

I always have two jars full of condoms ready – one at my home and the other at my office.

I already weigh 300 pounds and I believe that it would have been better if I weighed a little more. Yes, no kidding here. Those escorts are always more honest than your girlfriends, wives or friends with benefits, and they always tell me that they love it that I weigh a fucking 300 pound and it would have been better if I did weigh even a little more.

One escort who was a crazy pro-wrestling fan told me that Matt Bloom aka A Train aka Prince Albert of WWE is her most regular client and she loves him for his over 400 pound weight. She also told me that Matt Bloom used to have regular sex with the wrestling valet Sable long before Brock Lesnar.

I recently stopped drinking coffee. Coffee used to increase my sex drive until I hit the mid-30s, now it does the opposite for me. It has always been the same for my friends of my age though, coffee doesn’t do anything for them when it comes to their libido – positive or negative, it doesn’t even have any effect on their sleep either.

I have been working on to create a gel that will make the pussy of a woman drum tight again without any sort of side-effects. The application of this gel will also delay the menopause for most women. I spend 2 hours a day on an average to bring this gel into the existence.